Dyson and Kirby Servicing

Experience shows that most failures on any vacuum cleaners are are as a result of the machine NOT being serviced regularly.

We recommend that your vacuum should be serviced every twelve months, Hence the plan.  The scheme spreads the element of risk over a large number of customers, to provide you with a breakdown cover at a very competitive price. As the equipment becomes older the greater the chances of failure, and the greater the cost of repair, thus the benefit of being in the scheme increases as the time passes.

For this reason we cannot accept any equipment without prior inspection by one of our engineers. Once the scheme is in operation we will normally continue to agree to provide cover for many years to come.

This cover is for customers who use the Dyson for general household purposes. It is cover for the upright part of the Dyson and only tools are excluded from the cover.

With our service plan you will receive:

  • Two free call outs per year (worth £60!)
  • Free replacement of any faulty parts
  • 20% discount on accessories
  • Complete and utter peace of mind knowing if any thing should happen we will be out to fix it completely free.

The cost of the plan is  from £4.99 a month or from £8.99 a month for 2 machines.

Why spend hundreds replacing your vacuum cleaner every few years when regular servicing can extend its life considerably?

There is no small print – we have nothing to hide –  there are no exclusions other than tools